Noise + Signal: Drawing from Biosensors

  • 23 September 2013

Biosensing technology gives us data about heart-rate and brain activity, which makes it possible to map our physical reactions to art and other encounters. Artist Daksha Patel will use state of the art Biosensing Technology in a unique drawing project where participants are invited to wear biosensors whilst walking around the FACT building. This data will be live streamed and projected upon a large easel upon which the artist will draw. 

EEG data from participants wearing headsets was sent via an arduino and wifi shields to a computer. Participants moved around the building, whilst the computer (and artist) was in a separate space. The artist wore biosensors (skin galvanometer or heart monitor), and signals from her sensors interacted with the EEG signals creating a biofeedback loop and noise in the system. Creative coder - Ben Lycett, worked in collaboration with artist Daksha Patel to explore different methods of visualizing the live data. This data was projected upon a large drawing easel, upon which the artist drew, responding to the noise and data.

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