Nick Laessing

Nick Laessing (b.1973, London) studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and now lives in Berlin.

Water Gas Car (2013-present) by Nick Laessing (UK/DE) questions what energy really is, and if it always adheres to the laws of physics. Investigating theories about free energy, cold fusion and new forms of propulsion, Laessing has spent a decade visiting backyard inventors, and is attempting to build a car that is fuelled only by water, neither accepting nor rejecting the idea that his experiments might work. 


In his work, composed of sculptures, installations, films and drawings, Nick Laessing explores the border areas of science, probing its relationship to the inconceivable. Often drawing on the utopian and aspirations of scientists and mathematicians of the past centuries, Laessingʼs sculptures and installations attempt to find the unexploited potentials in the obsolete or overlooked. He has also worked with harnessing energy, research into the free energy community, as well as attempting to replicate a radio first made by Friedrich Jürgenson to capture the frequency of the voices of the dead.