Bethan by Mark Titchner (UK)

Bethan, 2017
Banner, digital print on mesh PVC; 1000cm x 250cm
Wigan Grand Arcade & APCOA car park

“I want world peace, universal healthcare, no oppression, no prejudice, no poverty”, is a strong, defiant message from Bethan Griffiths, who used the question to focus on how to make our world better. Positioned on the exterior car park building of Wigan Grand Arcade, a vivid red and black, floral patterned banner will attract the attention of passers by on this busy thoroughfare. 

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“I picked this message, because I found it hard to pin down one specific materialistic want in my life or a particular want for the future. The question was very subjective, which was why I enjoyed the project so much. I pretty much have everything I need in my life and I feel quite happy in myself at the moment. I don't know what I want my future to look like, so I used the question to focus on some bigger issues in the world, such as lack of healthcare, war and how people around the world are suffering. Most people may think it’s quite a mature response to an abstract question, but it also shows that young people don't always just want things for themselves. I am thinking about the bigger picture and what other people could benefit from as well. With the horrible events taking place in the world that affect young people, its important for people know that we care about others too”.

Words by Bethan Griffiths, aged 17 from Standish.

What I want more than anything else by Mark Titchner is commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), in partnership with Hull Culture & Leisure Library Service, Inspiring healthy lifestyles and Lancashire County Council.