Bethan by Mark Titchner (UK) [Bookmarks]

Bethan, 2017.   Alice, 2017.
Bookmarks. 5.2cm x 14.8cm
Wigan Library & Leigh Library

Over 2000 bookmarks with the words, “I want world peace, universal healthcare, no oppression, no prejudice, no poverty” by Bethan Griffiths (aged 17) and “I would like to go and study volcanoes” by Alice Sanchez (aged 14 from Hull) will be concealed inside library books throughout the two libraries. These small, subtle artworks invite people to search or accidentally discover them, where the art can be taken away into new spaces.


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“I'm excited about the bookmarks conveying my message in the physical form, rather than through social media, because they are more personal and tactile. I like the fact that they will be hidden, found or handed out in libraries, a place of learning and engaging people in a different way. The red, black and purple colours complement each other, making it incredibly eye catching and bold”. 

Words by Bethan Griffiths, aged 17 from Standish.

“I love volcanoes, because they are beautiful, powerful, and remind me that humans aren't the most powerful things on Earth. Volcanoes are everywhere. They are deadly and beautiful. I love them, because they have shaped the Earth. I love them, because they are on other planets in the universe, and even on one of Saturn's moons. They used to be on Mars as well, but now they are all extinct”.

Words by Alice Sanchez, aged 14 from Hornsea.


What I want more than anything else by Mark Titchner is commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), in partnership with Hull Culture & Leisure Library Service, Inspiring healthy lifestyles and Lancashire County Council.