Wrap Around the World

With a David Bowie performance as one of the first elements of this satellite link-up, this inter-cultural simulcast is perhaps the most slick that Paik attempted. Connecting the United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan and numerous other countries.

With a thread held together with a comedy duo of presenters, one of whom is a alien robot Dr. Mobius who speaks every language (bar French). David Bowie performs with La, La, La, Human Steps, and carries out a conversation via satellite with Japanese musician Ryuichi Sacamoto, who also performs. There are appearances by Merce Cunningham, the Viennese Art Orchestra, a game of elephant soccer in Thailand and a car race in Ireland. The whole event is held together by Paik's video graphics, which includes one of his stacked television sculptures

Single-channel videotape, colour, sound, 47 minutes

A Production of WNET/USA and KBS/Korea, in association with NDR/WDR/Germany; ORF/Austria; GloboTV/Brazil; Gosteleradio/USSR; CCTV/China; RAI/Italy; TV Asahi/Japan; April Media/Israel; RTE/Dublin, and Nam June Paik Video Design. Editor of single-channel version: Skip Blumberg.