MAJORCA - fantasia

Breaking into a Chopin prelude with crashing noises made by Joseph Beuys blowing animal-like raspberries into a microphone and a piano being destroyed, this work draws together moving image brightly coloured and highly manipulated image material which is collaged into the work. Artist Amy Greenfield, throws herself with abandon into mud and a naked woman walks across a generated piano keyboard. With footage of a house in Majorca where Chopin purportedly composed the work that provides a soundtrack, the work is composed of snippets from previous performances and events. Fast-paced, saturated, motif-packed and startling, this work demonstrates a divergence between classical music and a form of radical performance art. Beuys' performance is filled with energy, drive and vigour and the pencil drawing-like lines which trace his silhouette impress upon the viewer his significance as an artist and as a figure.