Living with the Living Theatre

'Can a butterfly shoot down a fighter plane? Yes, Living Theatre Can!', so the text begins which hovers of the skyline of New York as a rainbow bird flies across the city. A counter point to Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint, this work explores how the experimental and influential theatre makers approached parenthood alongside creative actions. A deeply personal excavation of the familial relationships of Judith Malina and the late Julien Beck, founder of the Living Theatre which includes interviews and testimonies from their children. Including footage of Janis Joplin performing at the Living Theatre alongside radical naked performances, this work is an intimate depiction of the complexities of family and creative lives threaded together.

Colour, sound, 28 minutes 30 seconds. In collaboration with Paul Garrin and Betsy Connors

Includes Works by: Adolfas and Jonas Mekas, Janis Joplin, Joyce Weiland, Alan and Sue Raymond, Sheldon Rocklin. Special Thanks: Videoarte ( Locarno), Harald Szeeman, Broadway Video, Peter Rudoy, Media Alliance, Robin White, Standby Program, Raindance Foundation. Thanks to The Living Theatre: Serena Urbani, Hanon Reznikov, Steven Ben Israel, Mary Krapf, Luke Theodore, Jenny Hecht, Jenry Howard. Guest Appearances by: Jackson Maclaw, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Iris Lezak, Garrick Beck, Isha Manna Beck, Mordecai Maclaw, Clarinda Maclaw, Ann Tardos, Dr. Joyce Kobayashi. Camera: Lorenzo Bianda, Kit Fitzgerald, Peter Guyer, Bob Harrs, Rob Oudendijk, Anne E. Volkes. Editors: Tom Crawford, Rick Feist, Stephane Goel, Wayne Stevenson. Funded by: Massachusetts Arts Council, New York State Council on the Arts. Videoarte Program Consultant: Carol Brandenburg. Executive Producer: Lori Zippay.

Co-Production of WGHB New Television Workshop, Electronic Arts Intermix.