Guadacanal Requiem

Part documentary, part intervention, this work re-considers the impact of World War II on the contemporary existence of the Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. Exploring the violence between the US and Japan, Paik suggests that this battle was the first of the oil wars. Mixing archival footage with new interviews and new images of Charlotte Moorman playing cello on the beach, finding old missiles and performing with TV bra to the local residents, the film is at times surreal and poignant. Dead bodies are at odds with the beautiful landscapes, which hide rivers of blood and tears of the times gone by.

Single-channel videotape, colour, sound, 28 minutes 33 seconds. In collaboration with Charlotte Moorman

Guest: Bob Edwards. Cinematographer: Steve Mason. Narrator: Russell Connor. Location Director: Frank Pilleggi. Sound Effects: Laurie Spiegel. Camera: Bill Viola, Michael Pursche, Peter Hardy, Richard Maude, Graham Hellett. Produced by the TV Lab at WNET/ Thirteen.

Produced by the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen, New York