Good Morning Mr. Orwell

One of Nam June Paik's most ambitious pieces, Good Morning Mr.Orwell is an edited version of Paik's first international satellite "installation," which was held on New Year's Day 1984 in tribute to the dystopian writer George Orwell. Paik's satellite extravaganzas link different countries, spaces, and times in often chaotic but entertaining collages of art and pop culture, the avant-garde and television.

Good Morning Mr.Orwell, linked France, Germany and the U.S. featuring vibrant performances by Laurie Anderson, Merce Cunningham, Peter Gabriel and Allen Ginsberg, among many others. Paik coordinated the event and designed the TV graphics that connected the various live and pre-recorded segments. This project extends Paik's work with satellite and continues his work with leading artist practitioners mixing this with more traditional television styles of presentation, narration, documentary and large-scale theatrical elements. Exploring themes such as long distance communications, technology and intimacy, this work is typically humorous and fun. At one point, one of the presenters in New York threatens to drink MSG to which he is allergic, if the female presenter in Paris won't agree to go out with him. This work reveals again Nam June Paik's fascination with a future that is digital.

Single-channel videotape, colour, sound, 30 minutes

Conceived and coordinated by Nam June Paik. Executive Producer: Carol Brandenburg. Partial Post-Production: Nam June Paik, Paul Garrin. Post-Production: Broadway Video, Post Perfect. WNET, New York; FR3, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; WDR Westdeutsche Fernsehen. Editor of single-channel version: Skip Blumberg.