Cinema Metaphysique: No’s 2, 3 & 4

This piece might almost be the video equivalent of experimental dance. It starts with a full black screen with only a slice of light on the left hand side containing a forearm and hand which takes on various poses. To the accompaniment of the Fluxus affiliated Takehisa Kosugi's electronic score which starts with a few isolated sounds and then builds up to include discordant tones, this film gradually builds something of a narrative. The hand seems to be in pain, and at the bottom of the image, a new shaft of light appears with two pairs of closed eyes in it alongside the sound of religious chanting.

This is another work by Paik and Yalkut that explores transcendental experiences, minimalism and dance, it is hard to say if the view is a witness to meditation or is being invited to join in. The final image draws together an image of Paik himself and a Native American Indian elder who are both eating a slice of white bread. Paik's interest in colonialism, post-industrial societies and spirituality are drawn together in a work that underpins an almost deliberate pretentious seriousness with an underlying cheekiness and lightness of touch.


Sound: Takehisa Kosuji's "Mono Dharma No. 8"; "The Way of the Eiheiji."

Single channel videotape, black & white, sound, 08 minutes 39 seconds. In collaboration with Jud Yakult