Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint

Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint brings together the two great figures performance artist Allan Kaprow and beat poet Allen Ginsberg, or as artist-narrator Pierre Restany describes them 'poet and happener'. Initially, a sparring between the two-men occurs. Gradually, the film becomes more intimate with the two great figures revealing more personal aspects of their biographies from lovers to political arguments.

The complexity of father son relationships in the Jewish family is investigated in a witty, poignant portrait of two artists. Ginsberg (whose father Louis was a poet in his own right) and Kaprow (whose father is a high-powered lawyer) are the sons who struggle with and against the influences of these patriarchal figures. Paik and Shigeko Kubota take the viewer on a journey from the Mideast to a New York poetry reading with Ginsberg and his father, to Boulder, Colorado, where Ginsberg's companion Peter Orlovsky plays his banjo. Throughout, the artists subject their content to irreverent temporal, spatial and visual transformations: images multiply and proliferate, time is accelerated or slowed, audio is de-synchronized. In this playful, often moving portrait of fathers and sons, the artists use video effects to allow Kaprow to walk on water, and orchestrate a posthumous confrontation between Ginsberg and the image of his father.

Single-channel videotape, colour, sound, 28 minutes 33 seconds. With Shigeko Kubota

Host: Pierre Restany. Guests: Peter Orlovsky, Catherine Ikam. Camera: Bill Marpet, Esti Gallili Marpet, Uri Bar-Zemer, Herb Squire, Kit Fitzgerald, Dimitri Devyatkin, Deborah Van Moser, Karen Edwards, Jud Yalkut. Editors: John J. Godfrey, Ruth Bonomo-Godfrey, Paul Dogherty, Pat Ivers, John Casted.