Ma-po Man

  • 15 October 2014 - 31 October 2014

The Mapo-Man will come to your house and cook for you! This project from artist Inari Wishiki challenges traditional ideas of work and pay and questions where wages should come from.

Artist Inari Wishiki created the Recruitment Agency for People Who Don't Want to Work (2013), he demonstrated a new employment model that allows people to smoothly access modern life. One of the main jobs he proposed was Banana Multiplier (2013), who exchanges 2 green bananas for 1 yellow banana in front of a supermarket in order to earn bananas.

Inari's new project Ma-po man (2014) challenges the traditional wage and profit systems. Pay his costs and he will come to your house and cook Ma-po tofu.



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Ma-po man will arrive at your door and cook in your kitchen at the set time, he will eat with you and then depart.


Who should pay for Ma-po man?

Inari will be ‘purchased and delivered’ to cook Ma-po tofu for you. The only charge will be the cost price for each ingredient (including transport costs for Inari and the PayPal transaction fee). 

This project is about questioning where wages for an activity like this should occur.

*Inari coded the Ma-po man website by himself. He is not very good at programming but he has managed after a great struggle.