Mohamed Bourouissa



Horse Day, 2014-15
Two-channel video with sound (duration 13.32)


Le murmure des fantômes (The ghosts’s whisper), 2018
Single-channel video with sound (duration approx. 12 mins) installation environment comprising wooden sculpture


Nique les trois couleurs (Fuck the three colors), 2018
Anthotype with spinach on paper 


Entre deux feux (In the crossfire), 2018
Anthotype with spinach on paper 


Vengeance (Revenge), 2018
Anthotype with spinach on paper


Caleb, 2018
Polylactic acid 3D sculpture, resin, car body parts and aluminum plates


Félix Seguret, Banquette bleu, 2017
Car seats on metal frame


Horse Tuning Expo, 2014

For Liverpool Biennial 2018, Bourouissa has created a garden in Granby, Liverpool. The project is inspired by a garden made by a patient of the psychoanalyst and writer Frantz Fanon, at Blida-Joinville Psychiatric Hospital in Blida, Algeria. Fanon’s patients underwent occupational therapy through gardening, which allowed them to reflect on the organisation of their mental space through the structure of the garden, creating a space of ‘resilience.’ Bourouissa has studied Fanon’s approach to botany, architecture and therapy to create a similar garden in Liverpool. Working with Kingsley Community Primary school pupils, teachers and the local community, this new garden houses many different species of plants from across the world, creating ‘space of resilience’, where plants are thriving and adapting in an unusual environment.

This film documents the new garden in Granby, Liverpool and the original garden in Blida - particularly focusing on one of its creators, Bourlem Mohamed, with whom Bourouissa has worked closely throughout the process. Bourlem Mohamed is also depicted in a series of anthotype portraits, created using photosensitive material from plants.

Please visit the Resilience Garden on 75-77 Granby Street, open Saturdays 2-5pm. With thanks to Kingsley Community School for the sculptures also presented here.


Please be aware this work contains profanity and sensitive content, which some people may find offensive.

For Horse Day Bourouissa focuses on a North Philadelphian community’s efforts at neighbourhood revitalisation. Inspired by US photographer Martha Camarillo’s photographs of horsemen in Strawberry Mansion, an impoverished Philadelphia neighbourhood, Bourouissa travelled there to see the urban stables. For eight months the artist observed, drew, and photographed the riders. With a strong collaborative sensibility, Bourouissa worked with the community, which led him to ‘Horse Day’. The video documents the event and its preparations, and acts as an examination of how society is structured and social processes are activated.


Banquette Bleu by Félix Seguret (France, 1985), and Caleb, bring to the fore the relationship between the horse, car and humans.


About Mohamed Bourouissa

Mohamed Bourouissa (b. 1978, Blida, Algeria) lives in Paris, France. Bourouissa’s images, installations and videos explore power relations, displays of masculinity and societal tensions, often by referencing art-historical imagery. Périphérie (2005–09), for instance, presents a myriad of tense, potentially violent confrontations in urban environments through staged photographs. For his series Horse Day (2014-15), in which he designs, stages and documents an equestrian event, Bourouissa focuses on a North Philadelphia community’s efforts at neighbourhood revitalisation. With a strong collaborative sensibility, Bourouissa embeds himself within the community, examining how society is structured and how social processes are activated.