Shilpa Gupta - Untitled

In her installations, net art pieces, videos, performances and interventions in public spaces, Shilpa Gupta aims at integrating art and life through audience participation. In this new work for Gallery 2, Gupta uses computer vision technology to capture the audience's silhouette and integrate it into a story. The silhouette is processed in the computer and superimposed onto the narrative, triggering different episodes. This interactive picture book is then projected onto the wall. The visitor is invited to dive into Gupta's account of the world around us, with interrupted connections, migratory histories and fluid, volatile cultural maps. The story refers to unexpected, imposed change, confusion, and freedom frustrated by borders.

"I walk on the street and the street walks with me

The houses change but the trees don't look so different

Is it a new house on my street?

Or did I walk into a new street?


The bird flies through me


Someone tries to dance with me


And as I stand and watch, a house falls


A home

A house


I watch a house fall

And hear sounds of glass breaking


The house falls and falls

It falls on me

It grows on me


I run from it

But still the house falls


Houses are falling from the sky


I disappear."

 Shilpa Gupta, July 2006