Anu Pennanen - A Day in the Office

Finnish-born Anu Pennanen is a video and film artist interested in urban public space and its relation to cinema and media. She works collaboratively and site-specifically. In her works, local people become mirrors and investigators of the built environment in which they live.

While living in Liverpool during January 2006, working from a small office space, Pennanen became fascinated by the mundane rituals we develop in the workplace, by the ways in which these spaces shape our daily lives, and by the impact on residents of the changes taking place in a city. Through conversations and creative-writing workshops with seven office workers in Liverpool, Pennanen and her collaborators created a film in two parts exploring the interiors and exteriors of the city.

A Day in the Office, Part 1 (shown in The Box) traces individual experiences of the city, mapped out in the memories, daily rituals and daydreams of Pennanen's collaborators.


Alongside this, Part 2 of the work explores the architectural language of the city, juxtaposing decaying office buildings, once at the centre of Liverpool trade and commerce, with blue-chip developments cropping up on once derelict streets. A Day in the Office, Part 2 is projected during the evenings onto the rear of the FACT building on Fleet Street.