Yang Fudong: Close to the Sea

Yang Fudong lives and works in Shanghai, a coastal city renowned as a filmmaking centre in the 1920s and 1930s. In his ten-screen installation in Gallery 1 Fudong addressed themes of alienation and perception through the relationship of a young couple in love and their life by the sea. The seaside setting connects Shanghai and Liverpool, conveying beauty and generosity. Threatened by death, the pair talk about their ideals, beliefs and expectations of life.

Close To The Sea1
Yang Fudong: Close to the Sea

The original musical score adds to a strange, dreamlike, disturbing quality. This is particularly relevant to Liverpool, where the transformation and regeneration of the city brings with it tension and the contradictions of reality and desire.

Whilst Fudong's work has a strong cinematic narrative component, the stories he unfolds are never explicit or conclusive, but characterised instead by change; from the overwhelming changes of personal life, urban environment and society, to the distancing of urban youth.