VR RCADE is a virtual reality games arcade in Liverpool city centre, run by a team of gamer geeks excited to explore virtual reality technology and share it with you. It is their mission to provide you with the chance to try great immersive games and exciting experiences as they're released at a purpose-built Liverpool city centre location.


Join ​VR RCADE for the chance to play The Playroom VR, an innovative and social spin on virtual reality gaming offering a variety of action-packed mini-games which has you diving into everything from a hilarious cat and mouse chase to clearing a haunted house of its ghastly ghosts. Whether you’re working co-operatively or competitively, the adorable interactive VR Bots are on hand to make sure you have a blast!


Virtual reality is still in its infancy and VR RCADE can't wait to see where it goes. Don't delay, experience virtual reality for yourself today!