HyperBrawl Tournament - Milky Tea


Welcome to HyperBrawl Tournament, the most intense sport brawler game you’ve ever played! Assemble your team of formidable warriors, arm them with game-changing weapons and compete to become the Galaxy’s greatest hero!


HyperBrawl Tournament fuses ‘no-rules’, hyper speed handball with player-versus-player combat in arenas filled with dynamic obstacles. The game gathers the greatest warriors from across time and space to pit them against each other in a visceral sport. Select your hero, match with a unique weapon to create a formidable combatant, and become the Champion that defines the age! (Ages 10+)

Established in Liverpool in 2005, Milky Tea is a Game Development and Animation Production Studio, crafting video games, animations and illustrations. The team is currently working on a number of new gaming intellectual properties, including their latest game HyperBrawl Tournament, currently in pre-Alpha and scheduled to be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in early 2018.