Prof. Richard Koeck and Pooya Sanjari, Moment 2:45 (2015)

Video installation Moment 2:45 is a platform to display the outcome of one-day digital film workshop, focusing on the topic “Libidinal Circuits”. 

The workshop aims to identify, explore and meaningfully express Liverpool’s phenomenon related to themes such as sensuality, desire, hallucination, fear and transgression.


The outcome of the workshop is a set of one minute movies, captured by mobile phones and displayed by them as well. The idea is to use mobile phones, as the apparatus to record and screen. At the end of the workshop the installation will be temporary; therefore a recorded image of movies will be displayed in the exhibition. Recorded video will be displayed through a custommade installation platform. 

The platform consist of three main parts: a screen, that plays the video in a loop, a moving mechanism, that enables viewer to navigate through different parts of the screen and a magnifying screen, that optically magnifies the image on the screen. In order to block the viewers vision from non-magnified part of the screen, the moving mechanism is connected to a frosted sheet of Perspex.


The aim of the project is to combine digital and analog image and engage viewer, both psychically and mentally in a one-to-one experience with the video installation.