Daniel Fallon, Circuits (2015)

Daniel Fallon's musical composition Circuits aims to subvert listener expectations as to the sounds and categories of sounds that constitute music. 

Borrowing from an established canon of musique concrete and acousmatic composition, the piece will feature a solo cello part integrated into a composed soundscape constructed from recordings of urban settings and objects around Liverpool. One method is to capitalise on the cello’s very broad range of timbres. Playing extremely lightly at the bridge, for example, produces tones similar to those realised in the soundscape, creating an airy, metallic resonance with many pleasing overtones. From this the player is able to bring out the melodic and harmonic material written for the cello in varying degrees of subtlety, giving the sense that the performed musical material has arisen from the urban soundscape and remains a part of it.

Similarly, the soundscape will be composed musically in all its dramatic contrast, motivic and textural development, even adding to the harmony and tonality of the piece through extracting and manipulating the various pitches to be found within it. The ambition is to throw light onto how we can apprehend a musical aesthetic in the sounds of our environment, the presence of the cello (and the material written for it) all the while affirming the listening experience as a musical one, making it accessible.