Adam Scovell, An Impossible Dérive (2015)

An Impossible Dérive, a film by Adam Scovell takes as it's starting point the french word for "drift", which is now a word used commonly in the theories of psychogeography.

It refers to taking an unplanned and unmapped journey into an environment or zone, allowing the aesthetics and architecture of the space to guide and control the walker's destination. It is often used to find new ways of seeing urban landscapes in particular but can also highlight the increasing impossibility of total free will and thought amongst city walkers thanks to the excessive guiding and controlling of capitalist architectural designs and areas such as city shopping centres.

An Impossible Dérive aims to capture this sense of Ballardian paranoia in a short psychogeographical trip around Liverpool, showing the surprising pleasures of more questionable and dilapidated urban territories juxtaposed to the controlling, ready-made pathways within the commercial strands of the city-centre that are becoming more and more prevalent as it continues its redevelopment and aesthetic homogenisation.