The tenantspin Digital Citizen's Hub

The rise of digital technology has meant that in one way or another we are all producers. Whether it be a text message to a friend, or a Facebook profile, we are increasingly using technology to find a voice. Over the last 12 years, FACT and Arena Housing's tenantspin programme has empowered individuals and communities to tell stories and share knowledge through a wide range of training programmes and workshops.

The Digital Citizen's Hub is a guide to how you can develop your voice through digital media. The structure is based on Coronation Court - the tower block and the flats where tenantspin first began broadcasting a series of webcasts over a decade ago. This obstacle represents new forms of digital debate which provides an individual with an audience of listeners. Within the Hub, visitors are able to learn about what it means to be a Digital Citizen. They also have the opportunity to view webcasts from tenantspin's twelve year archive, showing the wide range of local and global issues that have been covered.