The Flying FACT Academy

The Flying FACT Academy is an airship that flies around the city working with students and artists to embed creativity and media at the heart of learning. Representing FACT's Schools and Learning Programme, this obstacle has been developed in collaboration with Creative and Media Diploma students at Knowsley Community College. The airship not only showcases some of the work students have made working with FACT artists, but represents the group's aspirational outlook and will play a central role in the students completing their Interaction unit.

The structure imagines FACT as a mobile academy, combining a school and a gallery, that travel around the city together, teaching and offering young people educational opportunities with creative technology.

In the belly of the mobile academy lives a series of screens and speakers that allows the structure to project the work of the students onto the ground. The structure is shown attached to a docking station - one of many that would be stationed around the city, representing the idea of FACT dropping off projects or briefs to engage its students.
The mobile academy offers the opportunity to expand FACT and turn the entire city into a school.