The Communi-Tree

The Communi-Tree represents The Network Enterprise Team (NET), a collaboration between FACT and The Academy of St Francis of Assisi. The partnership began in 2009 during FACT's Climate for Change exhibition when the students took part in a live-link up with a partner school in New York City. The programme aims to help young people to become ambassadors for the local and global community through working with businesses to create ethical and environmental products. The students are dedicated to running valuable community work with local residents and groups. Through the programme the students are always fundraising to take part in cultural exchange with our New York partners.

Inspiration for the tree grew organically out of a workshop, during which the young people were split into smaller groups and challenged to design a structure. Several groups had a similar idea of the using a tree structure that becomes a mini market place.
The obstacle course wraps around the trunk like a vine. The branches provide hanging locations for the merchandise on sale and the trunk encases various screens displaying films that the group have made. Check out the Communi-Tree to see what's available today!