North Liverpool Pavilion

tenantspin is FACT and Arena Housing's 12-year-old ground- breaking community arts and media project. tenantspin has been working in Anfield/Breckfield for the past 24 months with special community organisations, residents and agencies on site-specific creative interventions. Designed with a representative group of partners, the North Liverpool pavilion, references the physical appearance of Anfield/Breckfield and acts as community hub for people to share, understand and interact with community based practice.

The structure is directly influenced by the pubs of Liverpool; specifically the now closed Salisbury, a community pub, midway up Granton Road, which like many pubs in the city was once a place for local people to meet and share space and time together.
A new lounge is carved out of an interior that once belonged to a familiar pub from the local area. Within this lounge lies a place to sit and view some of tenantspin's community projects in Anfield and Breckfield. The lounge also provides a positive place for communities to meet.