Kaiju Panic

  • 19 June 2015 - 20 June 2015

Kaiju Panic is an inide game by local Liverpool studio, Mechabit. The project will be at FACT to showcase Mechabit's work as a start up Liverpool indie studio and to gather player feedback about the game as it nears release.

Kaiju Panic is an Action-Strategy game with a bright and unique art style.
Take control of a field commander in an international disaster response
organisation. Build, fight and rescue your way through a wide variety of
colourful locations around the world.


A massive meteorite has struck the Earth causing devastation and panic in
the streets, you scramble to the impact site to search the area for
survivors and survey the extent of the damage caused. But as if a meteorite
wasn't enough, giant monsters called Kaiju start appearing around the world
and begin rampaging in densely populated cities! Jet across the globe as you
respond to Kaiju attacks and bizarre natural disasters and unusual weather
phenomenon. Rescue every civilian to unlock their ID cards which you can
view along with a monster bestiary and tech tree. Progress through a full
story campaign to discover the source of the Kaiju threat.

Mechabit is a small 3 person start-up studio based in Liverpool at the
Santander Hub. The studio was created in 2013 and shortly after joined the
Liverpool Chamber of Commerce's Spark Up Programme where they started
development on Kaiju Panic, their flagship title. The team consists of Kevin
Tsang (Founder and Developer), Vivienne Wu (Designer and Manager), Julian
Fisher (Artist). Together they have over a decade of video games experience
and Kaiju Panic will be the first game they release on PC and Xbox One. They
have also won several Virtual Reality (VR) game competitions for their games
including Chicken Walk (where you peck for grain,raise chicks and look out
for foxes), ElementL (which uses a Leap Motion controller to track your
hands and throw fireballs at ghosts) and most recently won Silver Games
Award at the Oculus Mobile Jam 2015 with their asymmetrical co-op VR game,
Neuralgia VR. They also made a hands-free game which uses eye-tracking as
the only input with the help of Special Effect (a charity for disabled


The team have taken their games around world and exhibited at expos
including EGX Rezzed, Tokyo Game Show and was featured on the ID@Xbox
catalogue at E3.


For more information about the team and their games you can follow them on twitter @mechabit and read their blog at www.mechabit.co.uk