Tobias Ebsen

Tobias Ebsen is a designer, artist and creative technologist working with digital media installations.

Tobias Ebsen is a designer, artist and creative technologist working with digital media installations. He has produced and collaborated on a large number of projects, exploring the intersections of digital technology, art, and public spaces. Among these projects is the lighting design for the Denmark Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The works have mainly focused on the architectural and material potentials of technology, where interaction and perception is situated and embedded in a physical context.


Tobias Ebsen will bring his new interactive sculpture, Poeme Mecanique, to Liverpool for Human Futures. The circular sculpture is suspended from a height and uses a combination of light and sound to capture attention and make participants rethink the way they interact with the space around them.  


This electromechanical sound sculpture is made from a thousand mirror disks that revolve around a central axis to create a delicate symphony. Simply stand in the centre of the circle to experience music like you’ve never heard it before. Surrounded by sound, you’ll feel entirely cut off from the world—while standing right in the middle of a public space. 

Ebsen holds a PhD in digital design from Aarhus University (2013) and his dissertation titled Material Screen investigated the notion of “materiality” as an artistic approach in media art and media architecture. He is currently based in Copenhagen, where he works independently with designing and implementing media installations. and has exhibited internationally with past projects including: Power Display. Sydney (AU) – Public display of power consumption in residential housings (2013), Wall of Light. Copenhagen Airport – Illuminated advertisement, commissioned by Carlsberg Denmark and Denmark Pavilion Façade, Shanghai (CN) – Media façade using 3600 independent LED fixtures, collaboration with CAVI, BIG and Martin Professional. Commisioned by the Danish Business Authority.


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union