Sébastien Pierre

Sébastien Pierre is interested in how technology can change our lives, augmenting how we perceive and understand the world around us, and most importantly, how it can empower individuals to make a difference in society as a whole.

Sébastien Pierre is a Montréal-based artist, speaker, and director of information design studio FFunction, which helps businesses and non-profits use their data to better understand their environment and improve their communication. His interests span open data, transparency, citizen participation and data visualisation, and he has been actively involved in open data initiatives such as Montréal Ouvert and Québec Ouvert. 


For the Human Futures exposition, there will be five Invisible Islands situated throughout FACT. Pierre will be working with a group of Art School students from Liverpool to create content for the islands by looking at key themes around privacy, security and community.  


Sébastien Pierre is a software engineer, designer, and co-founder of FFunction, a Montreal-based studio specializing in information design. While studying design at the University of Strasbourg, he applied his programming experience to create interactive visualizations of his Delicious.com data and became fascinated with the different ways to represent information.


Later on, he co-founded FFunction to help make data visualization a useful tool for businesses and organizations to better understand their environment and improve their communication. Sébastien is actively involved in the local open-data community, working on how to use data visualization to help improve society and prevent political corruption.





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