Caen Botto - C0D3 [the mechanics of a spell]

Botto's C0D3 [the mechanics of a spell] is an online environment where users will be able to interact with each other. FACT offers visitors to the Media Lounge special access to this virtual place. The work takes the idea of disembodiment (the ability of doing without one's body) as the main objective and starting point from which to explore the similarities between magic and virtual worlds.

Using motion-capture systems made out of plastic and aluminum foil, Caen connects his virtual, "coded" or "magik"¹ self to the millions of other disembodied souls roaming around the Internet.

¹From Tony Lane, on the "Cybermage" topic of BaphoNet, August 1991; as quoted in Mark Dery, Escape Velocity. Cyberculture at the End of the Century, 1996.