The Yes Men (US)

Dow Does The Right Thing, 2004

Single channel video with sound, (10 mins)


Share the Safety (2016)
Promotional film (1:23 mins)

On the 20th Anniversary of the Bhopal Catastrophe, BBC World News invited a representative from the company responsible to appear live on their program. The representative did agree to speak – but as it happens he was not really from Dow Chemical. The man, who called himself “Jude (patron saint of the impossible) Finisterra (earth’s end)” was an activist from the media pranksters known as the Yes Men.


When the live broadcast happened, it became the number one news story of the day globally, first as a real announcement from Dow, and then as a report on the hoax. The video shows the unedited news broadcast alongside a very nervous Yes Man, mic’d up and waiting to “go live” in the BBC’s Paris Bureau.

On 22 June 2016 a new online store, Share the Safety,was announced. It said that ‘the revolutionary online store takes its cue from other “buy one, give one” retailers, and customers of will have the pleasure of knowing that for each handgun purchased, one will be donated to an at-risk American citizen in the urban center of their choice’. The site is presented as an initiative of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in the US, in collaboration with arms manufacturer Smith & Weston, as a next step in the ongoing efforts of the NRA to ‘spread the freedom and security that come from gun ownership, and their commitment ensuring that every American regardless of income can exercise their Second Amendment rights’. 


The site caused an outrage, but investigations revealed it as a hoax from The Yes Men. Like their previous projects, the project is elaborate and detailed in its execution, playing of similar trends in marketing and business, as well as obvious hints to the shooting in Orlando and the response and attitude of the NRA.