Robert Ochshorn (US)

Tactical Recollections, 2017



A Little Bit More Stable, 2015

Single channel video with sound, (2.30 mins)

Through his online project RMOZONE, Robert M. Ochshorn develops media interfaces that enhance human perceptual and expressive capabilities. He is presenting two works in the context of How much of this is fiction.


New work Tactical Recollections is a representation of the Tactical Media Files (, an online ‘living archive’ for Tactical Media’s present, past and future. Interactive visual timelines are used as a starting point for current conversations between long-time Tactical Media practitioners, with transcripts from these dialogues giving contemporary voice to past actions. In doing to, Tactical Recollections acts as an evolving resource, and tool for revolution.


Interplaying with Tactical Recollections is Ochshorn’s 2015 work A Little Bit More Stable. The source material for the film, a promotion for video stabilisation software that has been commercialised from military applications, depicts the stabilisation of home movies and implies a similar steadying influence on the lives of would-be customers. Much like the stabilized video from military drones, itsuggests an omnipresence which allows commanders to observe and interfere with unfamiliar territory from an aerial vantage. 

This conversation between the works highlights the construction of power within the media, employing instantly recognisable visuals with more obscure data and text without context to highlight the shifting position we inhabit as viewers. This position is also likened to that of a drone operator: at once removed from, and entirely complicit within, the action.