How much of this is fiction. Opening Day

  • 2 March 2017

How much of this is fiction. focuses on politically inspired media art that uses deception in all its forms. At the heart of the exhibition is the desire to address one of today’s most urgent political issues: the radical shift in the boundary between fiction and reality in public discourse, in a world increasingly governed by ‘post-truth’ politics. How much of this is fiction. shows the artist as ‘dark jester’, as trickster, using a variety of hoaxes, hacks and ruses to reveal the hidden workings of power structures and the possibility of alternative futures.


Join us for a special preview of the exhibition from 11am, and a series of events with the artists, curators, and invited speakers. 


How much of this is fiction. is a collaboration with Framer Framed (Amsterdam) and HeK (Basel).