HEI Projects

FACT has developed a range of HEI projects with partners including Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool, and Newcastle University. FACT is developing a module with the University of Liverpool's MA in Art Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions - Department of Philosophy. The module is called Curating and Cultural Institutions and focused on three areas: Placing Audience, Disseminating Culture and Curating Spaces.

Our internship programme with LJMU's Screen School is in its third year. The interns are placed within the FACT Services department, where FACT staff support and train students in video capture, editing and encoding techniques with active projects such as artplayer.tv.

Another collaboration with the University of Liverpool is a quarterly interdisciplinary research group, Creating Futures, which is working towards a post-humanism agenda. This fits within FACT'sHuman Futuresprogram, leading to an exhibition and symposium scheduled for 2015 at FACT. 


Currently FACT has three active co-located PhD researchers:

New media in a digital age: the role of new media in art, culture and society at the turn of the 21st century: Researcher - Aneta Krzemien

New Media And Its Role In 'Creating Futures': Researcher - David Ogle

Transnational Presences: Inter-subjectivity, Distant Neighbourhood and Playfulness in Urban Computing Environments: Researcher - Gabriella Arrigoni

There is also a completed PhD (November 2012) The transformation of art, culture and society: a critical study of the evolution of the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology, Media Art and Liverpool, 1985-2010: Researcher - Jane Clayton