• 26 September 2013 - 13 December 2013

Contribute to a unique and invaluable resource for craniofacial surgeons in collaboration with Alder Hey. Headspace is an arts and medical science based project collaboratively developed between craniofacial surgeon Christian Duncan from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, FACT, artists Philippa Dye, Rachel Armstrong and designer Isobel Seacombe.

Using state of the art 3dMD photography equipment, the project seeks to hold a nine week interactive, data-collection event at FACT to establish a comprehensive database of human head shapes. This will in turn become an invaluable resource for furthering research into life enhancing paediatric Craniofacial surgery.
The emphasis on scientific research in the Headspace project ties in well with the work of Mark Boulos which is exhibited at FACT between 3 October - 24 November, and the cutting edge technology of Abandon Normal Devices festival 2013. A series of digital and tactile art works will be displayed to playfully explore themes such as creativity within surgical practice, patient experience, normality and morality.

A programme of events will accompany the installation that will include onsite interactive workshops run by our artists and talks from arts and medical professionals.

Over the course of the installation, these events will be archived into an expanding library of contextual research which will be accessible via the Headspace website and in a series of physical publications. 
The website acts as a hub for all Headspace activity allowing participants to track the progress of the project and view their own image as it enters our ever growing headscape

Fate and Fortune - Kismet
26 September – 13 October

You are invited to pick a fortune card and see what fate has in store for you. This activity is designed to explore the element of chance and uncertainty in life relating to health, touching on the less rational things that we rely on when our luck is down, such as superstitions and the idea of fate. This will be accompanied by other ideas of superstitions related to medicine and statistics on the chances of being born with a craniofacial condition. Come and try your luck.


The Future - Headspace Game of Life
15 - 27 October

The game that winds its way through the milestones of life, touching on familiar obstacles and opportunities, highlighting that life is never straightforward. Come and play the game, what will it have in store for you?


The Pencil Test
29 October - 10 November

Have you ever wondered what an artist is doing when they are peering at a pencil at arms length? This is the pencil test, which is a method that artists use to measure proportions. Artists and surgeons alike have to judge facial proportions, and they have both mathematical and optical ways of doing this. We would like you to come and test which method is the more effective, and to discover if you are typically ‘in proportion’.


Craniofacial Head Measuring
2 - 3 November
9 - 10 November

One of the ways that the craniofacial team at Alder Hey measure head shapes is by using callipers to find out how the patient fits into an average set of measurements, called the Cephalic Index. Headspace is providing the opportunity for the public to come and use the same technique to get your own head measured and see how you fit into the current craniofacial standard averages.


The Art of the Surgeon
20 November

This is a unique opportunity to see a surgeon in action from the Doctor’s perspective. Come and watch a live demonstration of surgical procedures performed on prosthetic skulls by Alder Hey craniofacial Surgeon, Christian Duncan.


Check the Headspace website and the onsite calendar for updates and further events; theheadspaceproject.co.uk