Hacky Birthday

  • 23 February 2013

Join FACT in celebrating 10 years since the FACT building opened on Wood Street in Liverpool with a family fun day full of party games, birthday cake and arty activities throughout the building. The FACT building opened on 23 February 2003, and to celebrate 10 years of films, exhibitions, projects, collaborations, talks, discussions, performances and special events we're hosting a Hacky Birthday party on 23 February 2013.

Celebrations include:

FACT is hacking into the traditional party game to give it a technological twist, so whether it's pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey expect the unexpected. Games will be developed by FACT's young people's group Freehand.

Artist Will Nash returns to his popular artwork Noisy Table, an interactive ping-pong table that makes sounds as people play. The day is host to the final match of our Battle of the Bands ping pong tournament which has seen bands like Afternaut and All We Are compete for the table tennis crown. Liverpool music legends Clinic return to DJ and are premiering a new song using sounds recorded during the tournament.

Ross Dalziel, SoundNetwork and Simon Jones are creating interactive installations including a bouncy castle that responds to people with sound and light and interactive crazy golf

See a one off performance by the DS Orchestra, a group of pupils from Holy Cross Catholic Primary School who have worked with Ross Dalziel to compose and play a piece of music using Nintendo DS's and software specially created for FACT by internationally renowned chiptune musician Pixelh8.


Children have been asked to design a special birthday cake for FACT inspired their experiences in the building. The winner will be turned into a real cake and unveiled on the day.

Picturehouse at FACT will be showing visitor's favourite films after an online shout out for suggestions. To add to the list visit the Picturehouse at FACT Facebook page.

The day will provide a last chance to see Winter Sparks, a light and sound show featuring electric sparks, dramatic charges from Tesla coils and the mysteries of the Wilberforce pendulum.

All the activities on the day will be completely free and open to the whole family. Click the Schedule tab above to see detailed information and times.


11am - 2pm
Vibrations Workshop

Winter Sparks artists Bosch & Simons created this workshop to, create a moving sculpture with your help, using reclaimed furniture, motors and household items. Visitors are welcome to drop in during the session to assist in building, dismantling and reconstructing this collaborative resonating sculpture. All materials are provided. Suitable for ages 6+

2 - 2:20pm and 4 - 4:20pm
Biosensing Technology Demonstration
The Bar

Biosensing technologies are being adapted to shape how people receive content within the context of museums/gallery spaces. The demonstration of Sander Veenhof's presentation is open to the public to view. Open to all ages.

DS Orchestra

Artist Ross Dalziel, and eight local schoolchildren play a composed tune on Nintendo DS' alongside 'Happy Birthday'. Open to all ages.

Hacky Birthday Cake reveal

Children aged 5-12 have been designing cakes celebrating the best exhibitions and events at FACT over the past ten years. The winning FACT birthday cake will be unveiled by its designer, FACT staff and staff from The Cake Shop Liverpool. Open to all ages.


Freehand's Pass the Human Parcel
Throughout the Foyer

Bido Lito Bats and Bleeps Championship final
FACT Connects Space

The final of the tournament which has ran through the entire length of Noisy Table's stay in the FACT Connects Space with All We Are performing live and Clinic DJ'ing, premiering new songs created by the band and Afternaut using the sounds of Noisy TableOpen to all ages.

All Day (11 - 6)

LED Window Activities
LED Window

The LED window will be activated by various artists/technicians/PD designers including Roberto Becerra and Martin Gritton (PureData designer for Noisy Table). Open to all ages.

Info Desk

Created by Will Pappenheimer and Zachary Brady, using the free app Layar, Skywriting lets you create a unique design that will then virtually appear one mile above the FACT Building. Open to all ages.

LOVE creative

Artr allows people to create abstract drawings online and see them visualized in a projection in the FACT Atrium. Open to all ages.

Hacked Bouncy Castle
The Box

The Bouncy Castle Development Platform lights up and produces sounds when bounced upon, it's complete with a webcam which records movement and plays back manipulated and hacked video to the cinema screen in The Box. Open to all ages.

Tweeting Typewritier
Info Desk

A 1950's Remington typewriter has been hacked to become the worlds first Tweeting Typewriter. Share your favourite memories and moments from our ten year history on this one of a kind invention. Open to all ages.

Freehand Party Games
Throughout the Building

Traditional party games (pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel) with a tech twist developed and facilitated by FACT's young people's group Freehand with local artist Laura Pullig. Open to all ages

Waves on the Mersey
The Wall

Giant radios will be appearing across the city, playing documentaries about local issues and history. Open to all ages.

MadLab Workshop
In front of The Box

Learn how to build your own DIY battery-powered robot - then customise it! Manchester's MadLab will be running a family-friendly, fun and educational workshop around simple robot-building with a number of competitions and prizes. Everything you need is provided. Open to all ages

Hacked Crazy Golf

SoundNetwork hack FACT by producing two Crazy Golf holes which experiment with the architecture of the building and tie into some of FACT's main artistic themes. Suitable for ages 5+

Copyright is for Losers
Info Desk

Copyright is for Losers is an art project by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva that aims to highlight the abuse of copyright law by certain companies. The art project consists of an Amazon parrot called Copy, who is learning copyrighted songs. come along to sing "Happy Birthday" to Copy or contribute to project singing online at: http://mcanet.info/copy/. Open to all ages.

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