Debora Delmar Corp.

Débora Delmar Corp.’s work uses objects and imagery from mainstream media to examine the ways in which commodity culture structures our everyday life and routine. Self-branding, marketing and the idea of the ‘aspirational lifestyle’ is central to the artist’s work and as such, the Corporation has its own logo. A logo which somehow ended up tattooed onto the hips of supermodel BFFs Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn... Branded for Life questions the history of the logo’s use, who came up with it first, and if it even matters. Débora Delmar Corp. temporary body transfers are available, so you too can be Branded for Life! 

Branded for Life


Instagram profile; YouTube video with sound (4 mins);
branded bodysuits; DiS article; temporary tattoos;
wellbeing teas


Suggested donation 50p.

The Garden at FACT by LEAF have developed a range of well-being teas
with the artist, available to purchase in the café at £2.50 each.