Cécile B. Evans

In Commercials (It’s not possible, it’s real), the challenging tone of these advertisements is strangely familiar. The products they advertise are everyday, mundane, and undeniably ‘real’. Using contemporary marketing rhetoric and imagery, along with recognisable elements of popular culture, each of the pieces explore how advertising aims to create new emotional contexts and deploy multiple possibilities towards creating their own reality or realness. These three films endeavor, within the short time frame of commercial spots, to make us feel deeply about their lead characters… A selection of dairy products


Commercials (It’s not possible, it’s real)

Three-channel HD video with sound (1.10 mins, 1.23 mins,
1.11 mins)


Co-commissioned by FACT and Metal, with support from CANVAS

All 3 videos:
Music with James Kelly
Animation with Tom Kemp

With additional footage courtesy of Dave Fothergill (I've fallen and I can't get up) and Luca Perazzoli