Ant Hamlyn

This interactive, living installation explores how social media allows us to live within an alternate reality; one in which we can easily attain a heightened sense of belonging, or a fleeting state of appreciation. The inflating orb aims to emulate the acceptance and self worth we can feel after receiving ‘likes’ on our posts or pictures online. Each time the orb is followed, receives a like, or is tagged with #theboostproject it gradually increases in size until it reaches its peak. If ignored, it begins to subtly deflate over time and fade into the background of our lives

The Boost Project 2015

Interactive inflatable sculpture; custom hardware and software; online elements

Boost the orb through: Twitter: @BoostFACT, #theboostproject


Instagram: #theboostproject

Website and Live Stream:


Co-commissioned by FACT and Hope University through their Graduate Production Residency. Produced with support from FACTLab.