First Light Film Commission

  • 1 January 2011 - 31 December 2011

A project with FACT's Freehanders. In November 2011, FACT's young people's programme was awarded £29,620 from First Light's Young Film Fund to develop a unique project aimed at young people living in economically disadvantaged areas. The project gave fifty young people many of which had never done any filmmaking an opportunity to learn about the process of filmmaking from idea conception to animation, voice over and editing the final three minute films.

Taking place at the weekend over seven packed weeks, the project involved workshops and facilitated sessions with industry professionals including filmmakers, directors and editors. 

Young people were at the heart of the creative process and all ideas came directly from them. They were involved with every aspect of the production process from drawing storyboards and writing the scripts to directing and lighting the films.

We'll be posting the amazing films made by the young people soon.