FACTLab is a pioneering workshop space where you are invited to explore the possibilities of creative technology through hands-on experimentation, offering a range of exciting activities for participants of all ages interested in getting involved with making and experimenting with electronics. 



FACTLab is a workshop space designed to reveal the creative processes behind FACT's exhibitions programme, as well as offering opportunities for visitors to develop skills in a range of creative technologies. In this space, you will also find our artists in residence at work, and researchers, artists and technologists are invited to use the space to produce new projects together.


Since its launch in 2015, FACTLab events and activities have welcomed over 4500 visitors, both at FACT and across the North West. FACT is continuously exploring new ways to engage visitors, and FACTLab is a space where our audience is invited to become actively involved in what we do, no matter what your experience.

A partnership between FACT and the Liverpool School of Art and Design at LJMU, FACT’s experimental design space FACTLab operates across disciplines, and functions as an incubator of creative production and critical thinking for practice research and experimentation. With talent and skills development as its key objective, FACTLab develops projects and activities aiming at cultural production and sharing of knowledge and resources, in collaboration with artists, designers, scientists, technologists, HEIs and the commercial sector.


A partnership between FACT and the Liverpool School of Art and Design at LJMU, FACTLab reveals the processes behind our programme and ensures that this is a place where art is made and not just shown.