FACT FM: The Secret Lives Of Liverpool

  • 24 June 2005 - 14 August 2005

FACT FM is a radio station with a twist. Like any radio station, FACT FM has a round-the-clock broadcast, DJs, and a large collection of audio recordings. But unlike any other radio station, FACT FM lets YOU be the DJ and the radio star. FACT FM is entirely digital - instead of listening to the broadcast with a regular radio, you can listen with an Internet-connected computer, by visiting fact.fm When visiting FACT's Media Lounge, you can also do the following:

Listen to audio tracks, leave comments or add a rating from 1 to 10

Be a DJ - select your favourite recordings from the collection and create a playlist for broadcast

Contribute your own work to the FACT FM record collection - make an audio recording in the FACT FM recording studio, or bring a demo or a home recording.

All we ask is that any content you submit to FACT FM is your very own and free from copyright restrictions.

For more info about contributing, either:

  • ask the Gallery Attendant
  • email factfm@fact.co.uk
  • or simply go to fact.fm




Over the next three years, Liverpool faces the challenge of presenting its cultural wealth to the world. Liverpool's museums, galleries and theatres are among the best in the country, but does this equate to a lively local culture? Or is culture really about something different?

Famed scouser and FACT Patron, Alex Cox (alexcox.com), for one, thinks that the city's true cultural riches can be found in Liverpool's many local artists, poets, and musicians. He asserts that local cultural institutions have been slow to support them.

"'Culture' is an alien thing that the middle class believe ain't ours - it's imposed on us, from London, from  the US, or from Europe", writes Cox. Cox is right: many voices and talents flourish in Liverpool. To reflect this diversity and talent, FACT FM will bring together the music, poetry and sound art by artists both renowned and unknown in an online radio station by and for the people of Liverpool. 

Have a look through the FACT FM archives. Who knows what you may find: undiscovered genius, untold stories and scouse-made sound on the world wide web. Hear it on fact.fm

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