Shaun Gladwell - Pataphysical Man

In his video pieces Shaun Gladwell offers hypnotising renderings of certain human figures: skateboarders, rollerbladers, bike riders, breakdancers, etc. With the possibilities offered by digital video - here inversion and slow motion - the artist analyses the position of these bodies in nature, their relation with the elements and the effect of physics and gravity on them.

Similar historical endeavours to understand the symmetry and harmony of the human body and its place in the world can be seen in the theories of Leonardo Da Vinci and Le Corbusier. The title of the work however, refers to the science of the absurd.¹

Technology is used to render nonsensical an image of perfection in nature. 

¹At the end of the XIXth Century, Alfred Jarry defined Pataphysics as "the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments" in Gestes et opinions du Docteur Faustroll, II, viii.