Experimenta Under the Radar

  • 16 June 2006 - 28 August 2006

Showcasing for the first time in the UK, an unprecendented collection of new media and video artworks by some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. FACT is proud to celebrate Experimenta's 20 years by hosting their largest media arts show outside Australia. Thanks to the capacity of media art to cross geographic boundaries, UK audiences have the opportunity to delve into the minds of artists based on the other side of the world.

Experimenta Media Arts is Australia's leading contemporary arts organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting media art in a way that is engaging and accessible. Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic and conceptual potential of new art forms, and its exhibitions have been the launching pad for many Australian contemporary artists.

Experimenta Under the Radar presents a selection of the best contemporary Australian new media from the Experimenta House of Tomorrow and Experimenta Vanishing Point exhibitions. All the works on display represent a moment of maturity in the use of these new technology tools; like traditional brushes and colours in painting, they are the instruments with which artists communicate a great variety of thoughts.


Experimenta's history holds an astonishing resemblance to FACT's: an agency dedicated to the commission of artist's film and video that presents a biennial festival for the celebration of these and other works. The advancement of technology, together with the growing popularity, understanding and access to these new tools, offered artists unlimited new possibilities of discovery, play and communication. These new art forms find support in organizations like FACT and Experimenta. Through their imaginative exhibitions, inspiring critical thought and engaging programming, both organizations have become channels through which these new creations are communicated for the amazement and delight of audiences across the globe.

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