Ex Libris

A FACT Healthy Spaces commission for Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Produced by Manchester's award-winning creative practioners Ultimate Holding Company (UHC), Ex Libris was created for the L Clinic waiting room at Royal Liverpool Hospital. Based on the idea that time waiting is only wasted time if it's not able to reward the waiter, the artwork's intention is to create a space, which can can be subtly used to make better use of this waiting time.

What visitors see in the space is a bespoke crafted book-shelf created by UHC from recycled materials. Sat within this bookshelf is a library of second hand books, with titles taken from the waiting room users' suggestions.

In between the books are small digital screens. On these screens are a number of short films that depict a number of activities, skills and other ideas suggested by the waiting room users. The artists hope these encourage reflection on the central messages of the artwork: that we can create opportunities for positive self-improvement in the 'down-time' of waiting rooms, that this action is gentle, easy and requires a level of social solidarity.

This artwork was commissioned by Royal Liverpool University Hospital in partnership with FACT as part of our Healthy Spaces programme.