EMARE: Lauren Moffatt

  • 1 November 2014 - 19 December 2014

Every year, FACT hosts an artist in residence as part of the European Media Artist Residency Exchange (EMARE) Programme. This programme aims to unite artists across the continent and partner countries, with arts institutions of various levels, whilst developing new, publicly engaging work. These new commissions are then presented across Europe and in other international locations with a wide range of partners, from festivals and universities to other arts institutions.

For 2014's residency, artist and filmmaker Lauren Moffatt is at FACT for seven-weeks (1 November - 19 December). Lauren's recent work has been concerned with ideas of seeing, perception and understanding as well as exploring different techniques of using both archaic and very modern methods of filmmaking and programming to create something unexpected in appearance. These are themes she will explore whilst at FACT, as well as allowing the public to become involved in the making of a new work, and learn new skills (such as projection mapping, programming and sound design) along the way.

During her time in Liverpool, Lauren will explore the city, make connections with artists and technologists, and host workshops, all whilst researching and developing an entirely new artwork. A large portion of this time, Lauren will be working in a specially designed workshop space in the foyer of FACT inspired by our Type Motion exhibition. During her time here, Lauren will have technical support from Liverpool-based developers, designers, animators, and ‘chaos architects’ Draw & Code to assist her in making the piece. 

The artwork she will be developing during her time in Liverpool, called Periphery, is for Occulus Rift -an affordable Virtual Reality (VR) headset which has exploded the gaming market and has allowed artists working with film to explore new ground in producing immersive, interactive worlds and narratives. It will take the form of an immersive, wearable 3D environment that places the user at the centre of the action, like a cross between the best sorts of video games and being stuck in a film you can subtly influence.  

Draw & Code have very kindly allowed FACT to display their two models of the brand new Oculus 2 (the latest, augmented HD model of the set) and are working with Lauren to recreate her artwork for the updated model. Moffatt’s abstract film -set against a Liverpool backdrop and incorporating people the artist talks to and meets during her time in the space, and in the city- will provide the viewer with an environment responsive to their movements, in which they have to work to piece together the parts of the story unfolding around them. 

Be one of the first people to try this cutting edge technology and explore the growing, ever-changing immersive worlds created by Lauren Moffatt and Draw & Code.


For more information on Lauren's workshops, or about the residency, please keep checking the website, or alternatively email Lesley Taker for details.


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