Cory Arcangel: Welcome to the Infinite Fill Zone

  • 16 September 2004 - 28 November 2004

Dear FACT visitor, First of all, a little history. Back in 1984, most computers couldn't display colour. They were either green and black like old IBM computers, or black and white like old Macintoshes. Anyway, to make up for this lack of colour, computers used to use different patterns to fill in blank spaces to give the illusion of depth. Does that make sense? So instead of red, how about some polka dots?

For purple, maybe we can have a zigzag pattern. This kind of idea was fist used on Macintosh computers in the programme called MAC PAINT, which people would use to draw pictures and make designs. We have a copy of the programme running here in the Media Lounge for you to use. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention these patterns look TOTALLY RAD. Like some weird op art psychedelic pixel world gone wrong...or maybe right?!

For this exhibition at FACT, da Interchill Superstars and I have made it possible for you to enter this world throught the power of video!!! We have made a live Infinite Fill video studio. With the help of a Gallery Assistant, you can step in front of the camera and enter this world of black-and-white eye-opt madness and make your own videos to bring home!!!!! 4FREE!!!

Any kinda video you want to make is coll! Dance videos, music videos, monologues, screen tests, movies...WHATEVER!!

Stay cool!!!!

Cory Arcangel



Welcome to the Infinite Fill Zone has been commissioned through FACT's Collaboration Programme, which enables media artists to make new works in partnership with a wide range of participants.