2015: Ghana Think Tank

As part of our Connecting Cities residency programme, this summer we will be joined by US. based artist collective Ghana Think Tank. from 27 July - 3 August.

Ghana ThinkTank has been “Developing the First World” since 2006. They collect problems in the US. and Europe, and send them to think tanks which they have established in Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Mexico, El Salvador, and the U.S. prison system to analyze and solve.


They then work with the communities where the problems originated to implement these solutions - whether they seem impractical or brilliant. 

For Connecting Cities, they propose to develop a Ghana ThinkTank App that brings the entire process online. The App will be activated through 'hubs' in their partner cities, towns and villages, pop-up think tank sessions of individuals who use the app together to submit problems (from the 'developed' world) and solutions (from the ‘developing' world').


If you'd like to get involved with the project, submit your problems using the postcards in the FACT foyer, or on social media via #MyLiverpoolProblem.