2014: Urban Alphabets

Urban Alphabets shows the inhabitants and visitors to a city how special and unique that city is. By using the Urban Alphabets smartphone app, participants can create their own version of their city’s alphabet, using letters as graphic symbols for the visual identity of a city.  All letters are geo-tagged, uploaded to the project website and used to generate the city’s custom alphabet.


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Suse Miessner

Suse Miessner
Artist (Germany)

The project works across a number of platforms including smartphones and tablets, online, public screens allowing participants to play with the alphabet they have created using it to create new messages, termed ‘Urban Postcards’ The aim of Urban Alphabets is to raise awareness of the beautiful minute detail so often missed when travelling through the city, and to encourage participants to look at their city in a new light.

The smartphone app can be downloaded now from iTunes and the Google Play Store.


Urban Alphabets is part of Connecting Cities, supported by the Culture Programme 2007 - 2013 of the European Union.