2013: Ready to Cloud

Berlin-based collective The Constitute created an artificial cloud with a lo-fi scanning system at both FACT and Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Scanned visitors in both spaces were digitally transported into the cloud, where they could meet each other.

The Ready to Cloud project started in the beginning of 2013 and is an approach to set up a holographic / ephemeric display for the use of teleportation as we all know it from Star Trek. Ok... nearly.


With this project, it is possible to teleport a 3D scan of a person in one city into a specially and artificially made up cloud in another city. The person there sees the person from the other city (next to his/her own scan) in the cloud in front of him/her and can start communicate with his or her avatar in realtime.


Ready to Cloud was at FACT in late 2013. 


Read more about the development of Ready to Cloud at The Constitute's website

Ready to Cloud is part of Connecting Cities, supported by the Culture Programme 2007 - 2013 of the European Union