Sustainability Road Show

New York's Eyebeam Art and Technology Centre stages its Sustainability Road Show - a series of workshops and activities that are both playful and social, highlighting Eyebeam's strong media lab culture built around tinkering, hacking, making and doing. Eyebeam is North America's leading institution for producing media art and technology projects, and the roadshow format was conceived by their Senior Fellows as a method for taking their work out and into contact with the public.

Participating artists include Steve Lambert, who uses conversation and collective imagination in his artworks to bridge radical ideas with everyday life; Hans-Christoph Steiner who focuses on human perceptual capabilities, building networks with free software, and composing music with computers; and Jeff Crouse, who creates software and installations that highlight the absurdity of technology in culture.

Through hands-on events, the Sustainability Road Show suggests that media artists working at the intersection of art and technology, in a media arts culture steeped in a history of activism, may be well poised to contribute to sustainability's debates and solutions.